CPM’s company values shape the culture of our business and the way we approach our work. Our values are meaningful to us and drive great outcomes for our staff, our clients and their stakeholders, and for the wider community.

People First

We treat everyone with respect and dignity; within our teams, our clients, project stakeholders and the wider community.

For our team – we employ the best people and invest in their development. We work to create a positive culture that protects our values while providing opportunities for growth and development.

For our clients – we focus on building long-term relationships and are committed to becoming a trusted advisor and helping assist in the development of their people.

For all stakeholders – we focus on enhancing every relationship of behalf of our clients to achieve positive solutions and outcomes for the wider community.

“I was drawn to working at CPM as an opportunity to be part of a diverse team of experienced professionals who have a reputation within the industry for solving problems and achieving outcomes that benefit the client and the community. I was also attracted by the chance to learn from some of the industry’s most sought-after senior managers and executives who actually support their staff.

CPM has a balance of focusing on productivity while also valuing our family time. We have a Board that supports and values us as individuals and I’ve seen it demonstrated on a number of occasions. Team members are positive and approachable, which allows our team to share learnings and collaborate, resulting in better outcomes for our clients.”

~ James Murray, Client Manager

    Excellence & Adaptability

    We take genuine pride in our work and have a commitment to continuous improvement, a curiosity to find innovative solutions and we appreciate a good challenge.


    “CPM are very practical and solutions-focused with strong industry knowledge. I know the value and outputs we’ve received from CPM have led us to success on our projects. Some of our projects are of a significant scale and complexity, and I feel CPM have been responsive and attentive to our needs as a customer, in overcoming project challenges.”

    ~ Rob Nave, Port of Brisbane


      An environment of collaboration helps to foster great ideas, innovative solutions and a positive work environment. Bringing together different perspectives, skills and experience leads to a better result. Collaboration with our clients and within the CPM family is central to our ethos of being willing to listen and partner with others to achieve the best result.


      “The CPM team integrated into our project team are experienced professionals with good technical and people skills. They have been an integral part of our project for two years and the integration is seamless. I don’t see them as an external resource. They’re part and parcel of our team.

      ~ Tony Rymer, ARTC

        Positive Legacy

        We believe that we have a duty to leave a positive legacy in every interaction with our teams, our clients, all stakeholders and on the projects we represent for the wider community. Legacy comes through leadership and we promote leadership as the responsibility of every team member in their approach to their work, their communication and their interactions.