New Team Leaders at CPM

Nov 27, 2023

CPM Team Leaders Tamara Vaughn, Kaysten Flory and Justin Singh

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news that reflects the commitment and exceptional contributions of our incredible team here at CPM. 

We are proud to announce a round of well-deserved promotions for some outstanding individuals who have consistently gone above and beyond in their roles.

Congratulations to Tamara Vaughan, Kaysten Flory, and Justin Singh on their well-earned promotions! 

These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and leadership in their respective roles, making significant contributions to our team and the success of our business.

Tamara Vaughan has been promoted to Team Leader and will lead our Health Portfolio. Tamara brings over seven years’ experience to our team working on project and program management of a wide variety of multidisciplinary projects.

Kaysten Flory has been promoted to Team Leader and will take carriage of our Education Portfolio. Having acted in this role for the past 6 months, Kaysten brings a passion for project management and building client relationships.

Justin Singh has also been promoted to Team Leader and will take the lead in developing our presence on the Sunshine Coast. Justin consistently demonstrates a passion for quality and safety and has embraced our vision and culture. 

Their promotions are a testament to their hard work, and the positive energy they bring to our workplace. We are confident that they will continue to thrive in their new roles and inspire those around them. 

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