CPM Launches Mentoring Program

Apr 13, 2023

Graphic depicting mentoring and collaboration values

In March 2023, CPM launched our Mentoring Program – a voluntary 6-month opportunity supporting team member development through the guidance of a mentor.

CPM Consolidated Group CEO Stephen Uhr says that while the company has always encouraged the sharing of knowledge and career support from within the team, the formal Mentoring Program provides more structure and purpose around the relationship.

“We have an incredible collection of talent and experience within the CPM group, and this program is an opportunity for members of the team to play a key role in a colleague’s growth and to help them develop professionally,” he said.

40% of the team have joined the program, with 13 mentoring relationships established.

“Some people are participating in the program as both a mentor and a mentee. It’s really exciting to see people derive benefit and give back at the same time through the program.”

The pairing of mentors and mentees is based on strengths and gaps of skills and knowledge.

The Mentoring Program is part of our CPM Thrive wellbeing program, an initiative aiming to support the team to succeed through the pillars of Growth & Development, Reward & Recognition, Health & Wellbeing and Inclusion & Environment.

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