Brisbane, Queensland & Ovoot Tolgoi Mine in South Gobi Province Mongolia


Ausenco Taggart

Project Value


Contract Period

April 2011 – December 2011

Ausenco Taggart Coal Handling Facility


  • Development of key project quality systems such as establishing drawings and documentation registers that can be accessed and updated by the remote site team with limited internet communications.  


Ausenco Taggart was a joint venture company that has a contract with South Gobi Sands to provide EPCM services for a Greenfields coal handling facility in the southern Gobi Desert, Mongolia. The coal handling facility consists of a rotary breaker, dry coal processing plant, 1.2MW diesel power generation plant and load out facilities including customs yards. The project operated over a wide temperature range from minus 30 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. 


Ausenco Taggart Mongolia was contracted to South Gobi Sands to provide EPCM services for a 9.5 million tonne per year Greenfields dry coal handling facility at the Ovoot Tolgoi Mine in South Gobi Province Mongolia. The project engagement included detail design engineering, project management, construction management and safety management of all phases of the project.

The coal handling facility scope included:

  • ROM truck dump
  • Rotary breaker
  • FGX dry coal processing plants
  • 200,000 Tonne product stockpiles
  • Batch weight truck load out and associated conveyors. 

Additional items managed on site by Ausenco Taggart included:

  • Concrete batch plant procurement, construction and operation including cement and aggregate supply.
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Mobile plant sourcing
  • Ancillary facilities including 12MW diesel fired power plant
  • Remote project logistics 

CPM was engaged by Ausenco during the project to provide project engineering support to the design and delivery teams. 

CPM assisted with coordination of pretender and transaction services for various work packages for the project and engaging with regional suppliers including Mongolian and Chinese companies. 


CPM was engaged to provide project engineering services to the project. Activities included:

  • Scoping and coordinating of tendering and contract management of construction contract packages
  • Management of wet infrastructure design packages with local Mongolian companies
  • High level reviews of wet infrastructure designs including water and wastewater reticulation
  • Implementation of management systems including, drawings control, technical queries, for the project due to its specific needs as a project in a remote location 
  • Resolving technical queries with the internal Ausenco designer
  • Acting as Construction Manager when on R&R
  • Liaison with the client on various matters including raw material supply for concrete production
  • Client support for client managed contracts
  • Engagement with local Mongolian and Chinese suppliers.